Like most professional jazz bands, Barrelhouse Gang is made up of one permanent member and band leader, and the rest are pro-level  support musicians hired according to need and availability.  If you would like any specific musicians for your event, just specify which ones and if they are available we will bring them!  Below I have listed many of the regular musicians who play with Barrelhouse Gang.

James Walls - Band leader and Lead saxophonist.  James started playing sax in the 6th grade, and played in various kinds of bands through his 20's in Seattle, living and touring and around the western states.   He has since settled down in Seattle and has also settled on trad jazz as his favorite genre of music.  He is inspired by great saxophonists such as Sydney Bechet, Jimmy Dorsey and Dick Stabile.

Below are many of the regular players with Barrelhouse Gang.  All players in the Gang are full-time professional musicians and among the best jazz musicians in Seattle.

Dennis Staskowski - Upright Bass

Kevin Johnston - Banjo

Jim Knodle - Trumpet

Roy Brown - Trombone

Eric Vanderbilt Matthews - Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano.  

Jason Goessl - Guitar

Eric Likkel - clarinet, saxophone

Dave Brown - Banjo

Scott "Scuff" Acuff- Guitar

Paul Gabrielson - upright bass

Bert Barr - Cornet

Rose Barr - Piano