Gatsby parties, swing dances, brass bands and Mardis Gras parties...1920's jazz is experiencing a rennassiance. The reasons are obvious, this music is fun!  It inspires faces to smile and feet to move, and such fun is infectious.  Barrelhouse Gang (formerly The Barrelhouse Jive Cats) started as a Seattle street jam in the summer of 2015.  Young migratory jazz players on the circuit from New Orleans to Vancouver were congregating at Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Seattle Center, etc playing just for kicks and whatever change people threw in their cases.  Saxophonist James Walls was right in the thick of it, and noticed this happy music from the dawn of the jazz age was drawing very respectable crowds of all ages, and that crowd nearly always smiled, danced and had a great time.  That inspired him to get this act off the streets and into the live music market.  Two yearslater with more than 150 gigs under their belt and their debut album released last May,  Barrelhouse Gang is moving full steam ahead with a busy schedule of performances across the Puget Sound region.  Come on out and enjoy the music!